When it comes to our children’s health and well-being, there isn’t a parent out there who doesn’t want the very best care from them. And considering how deeply connected oral health is to a person’s overall health, the same level of concern exists when choosing a pediatric Orthodontist you can feel comfortable with. With many qualified providers located in the greater Rochester and Western NY area, many parents are left confused when faced with the need to call an Orthodontist for the first time. Let’s explore some things to consider if this sounds familiar.

At Get It Straight Orthodontics, one of our foremost goals is to make the process of choosing an Orthodontist as stress-free and rewarding as possible. Whether you’re new to the area or the parent of a younger child, here are just a few of the things to be mindful of if this is your first time searching for a pediatric Orthodontist:

  • Contact providers and ask them about their experience and specialties
  • Ask potential providers what percentage of their patients are younger
  • Read online reviews and research the credentials of local Orthodontists
  • Talk to friends, co-workers, and neighbors about their own experiences
  • Do they offer free initial consultations or will you be charged for your visit?
  • Be sure to ask in advance about payment options, insurance, and financing

We understand that for many parents, especially those who never wore braces or retainers, finding the right pediatric Orthodontist can feel like unchartered territory. It doesn’t have to. Do your research, talk to other parents, and never be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Most Orthodontists will be happy to answer any inquires you have, and if they aren’t, they’re probably not the best match.

Get It Straight Orthodontics has three locations in the Rochester and Western NY area, and we invite you to contact us anytime during regular hours to let us know how we can help. We can be reached by phone at 585-248-5100 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our secure website.