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Whether caused by teeth growing astray during childhood or an injury, misalignment of jaws and teeth can cause eating difficulties and result in premature wear or loss of teeth, gum problems and bone loss. The face may not appear symmetrical causing an individual to be dissatisfied with his or her appearance. Whatever the reason, teeth and facial bones can be surgically repositioned to create a more balanced appearance and jaws that work as they should. The surgical treatment can be performed on adults and teens after the jaws are fully developed and growth is complete.

Initially our doctors apply braces to move your teeth into the position necessary to fit together properly after surgery is completed. Then, your oral surgeon, specially trained in corrective jaw surgery, repositions the jaws to improve the bite and create a more balanced appearance, resulting in an improvement in how patients look and feel. Are you a candidate for orthodontic surgery?

  • If you answer yes to one or all of these questions, you should consider discussing orthodontic treatment in conjunction with jaw surgery to improve your bite and overall appearance.
  • Do you have problems with chewing or biting into food?
  • Do your lower teeth hit into the roof of your mouth while eating and cause discomfort?
  • Do you have premature wearing of the enamel on your teeth?
  • Do you dislike the way you look from the front?
  • Do you dislike your profile?

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