In response to how significantly things have changed over the past year, Get It Straight Orthodontics has been working hard to implement new ways to provide the services you need, while maintaining the highest level of health and safety protocols.  Of the many steps we’ve taken, our virtual appointment options continue to be among the most effective and popular.  We utilize advanced SmileSnap® technology, which allows our Orthodontists to virtually conduct detailed examinations, using nothing more than a few mouth & teeth selfies from your phone.

Virtual Orthodontic Appointments Rochester NY

Our commitment to progressive Orthodontic technology is just one of many reasons why so many families throughout Rochester and Western NY continue to trust Get It Straight Orthodontics.  Here’s a brief overview of what makes our virtual consultations so advanced and the measures we’re taking to ensure your comfort and overall satisfaction.   

  • Upload a few selfies of your mouth for a detailed, stress-free examination
  • Engage directly by sending recorded videos or chatting live with our Orthodontists
  • Ideal for those who are staying home, as well as those with hectic schedules
  • Online exams are treated similarly to office visits by most insurance companies  
  • After your exam, online follow-up sessions to discuss the best course of action
  • A safe and sterile environment for those requiring Orthodontic procedures

The times have undoubtedly changed, but that shouldn’t negatively affect your access to Orthodontic care of the highest caliber.  Get It Straight understands the challenges every one of us is facing right now, and we’re continually exploring new ways to make our services more safe and convenient.   Ready to schedule an online appointment?  Use our Selfie Uploader to get started, or get in touch with our staff for answers to your questions.

Get It Straight Orthodontics has three locations in the Rochester and Western NY area, and we invite you to contact the one nearest you to let us know how we can help.  You can reach us by phone at 585-248-5100, or send your questions to our Orthodontic staff via email through our contact page.