While we’re honored to be considered one of Western NY’s most trusted providers of pediatric and youth orthodontics, Get It Straight in Rochester is especially appreciative of the many special needs parents who continue to place their trust in us. Since first opening our doors years ago, we we’re committed to making our facility one that catered to the unique needs of everyone in the family. Today, we’re regarded by many in the WNY region as a group of Orthodontic specialists who excel when it comes to treating children with special needs.

Why Parents Trust Our Special Needs Orthodontic Services

Regardless of your child’s age or unique needs, you can have the assurance that each member of the Get It Straight staff will go above and beyond to make the experience as relaxed, fun and stress-free as possible. Here are just a few reasons why so many Western NY parents of special needs children continue to visit our Orthodontic office.

  • Extensive experience working with a diverse range of special needs patients
  • Compassionate, accommodating staff to make your child feel safe and happy
  • Numerous positive reviews and references for parents researching dentists
  • Our dental office has been designed to impart an open and welcoming feel
  • We sponsor Gigi's Playhouse, which benefits children with Down Syndrome
  • You can submit your child’s selfie online if a virtual appointment is preferred

Dealing with orthodontic issues at a young age can be stressful. At Get It Straight in Rochester, we’re constantly exploring new ways to better serve our special needs patients, and remain committed to providing a safe, healthy, sanitized environment. To learn more about what makes our approach unique or schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today and we’ll do our very best to help.

Get It Straight Orthodontics has three locations in the Rochester and Western NY area, and we invite you to contact the one closest to you. You can reach us by phone at 585-248-5100 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our secure website.