Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids and teenagers anymore. In fact, many orthodontic patients are over the age of 21. Everyone can benefit from a straighter and healthier smile and at Get it Straight, we have a variety of orthodontic treatment options available for patients of all ages.

Early Treatment:

The Orthodontic Journey to a better smile begins as early as age 7. Early treatment can help correct bite issues, improve facial symmetry, and reduce the need for more extensive treatment in the future. At Get it Straight, we offer early treatment options such as space maintainers, expanders, and braces to help set the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Adolescent Treatment:

The most common time for orthodontic treatment usually begins between the ages of 11 and 15. By the age of 12, most of the permanent teeth have erupted and are settled in place. At this age, our orthodontic team can effectively correct orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, misaligned bites, and crooked teeth using traditional braces, the Damon Smile System, or Invisalign Teen.

Adult Treatment:

There is no age limit for when it comes to improving your smile. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options that are discreet, comfortable, and convenient for adult patients. We offer clear aligners such as Invisalign, the Damon Smile System, and Acceledent Aura for those looking to achieve a straighter and healthier smile.

Technology options

At Get it Straight, we use the latest orthodontic technology to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment available. Here are some of the technology options we offer:

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen:

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten teeth using clear plastic aligners. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and can be easily removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Invisalign is an excellent option for those seeking a discreet orthodontic treatment option.

Acceledent Aura:

The Acceledent Aura is a cutting-edge device that uses gentle vibrations to encourage teeth to move into their proper position faster and more efficiently. By using this device, patients can speed up their orthodontic treatment time by up to 50%.

Damon Smile System:

The Damon Smile System has changed the way orthodontic patients receive treatment. The revolutionary advancement works in less time and is significantly more comfortable than traditional braces. Damon Braces use low-friction sliding mechanics instead of traditional elastics, which reduces friction and pressure, making them more comfortable for patients.

3D Treatment Planning:

At Get it Straight, we use the iCAT 3D Scan to produce a 3D image of the jaws and teeth for all of our patients. This tool allows our orthodontic team to quickly and precisely determine the exact movement of teeth for each patient, resulting in more accurate treatment planning.

At Get it Straight, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest and most effective orthodontic treatment options available. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, straight, and beautiful smile, no matter their age. If you are interested in learning more about our orthodontic treatment options or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our Greece, Pittsford, and Macedon offices by calling 585-207-4084 or sending an email through our contact form. We are always happy to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.