The Braces VS Aligners discussion is one that should be had by anyone considering options for straightening their teeth.  While they both work to achieve the same goal, there are many differences between metal braces and invisible aligners.  These can include everything from cost, treatment times, and cleaning options, to comfort levels, removability, and the types of materials used.  At Get It Straight Orthodontics in Rochester NY, one of our foremost goals is to ensure that patients choose the option that best suits their unique needs and preferences.  

Before and after braces on woman

Clear aligners and metal braces both have their own unique benefits and are highly effective when it comes to teeth straightening, correcting gaps, and other common dental issues.  Here’s a rundown on some of the main differences between traditional metal braces and Invisalign™ clear aligners.

Cost:  Braces traditionally range between $3,500 and $6,500 depending on design and options, while the average cost for Invisalign™ clear aligners is generally around $4,500 to $6,500.   

Treatment Duration:  Being non-removable, metal braces are commonly worn for about 15-18 months, while removable aligner treatments range anywhere from 9-12 months.

Recovery process:  Braces can take some getting used to, but the recovery time after application is quite fast. Invisalign™ are custom-fit, painless, and require no downtime.

Pain and Discomfort:  Certain foods can be a challenge at first with braces, though they’re generally not painful.  Aligners are known to be comfortable and more natural feeling.

Care and Convenience:  Braces are non-removable and require only brushing, flossing, and follow-ups, while aligners are removable and utilize innovative cleaning tray systems.  

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Whether you’re an adult looking to achieve a smile that inspires new confidence, or a parent concerned with making the best choice for your child or teen, the experts at Get It Straight Orthodontics in Rochester are here to answer all of your questions, discuss costs or explain the key differences in greater detail. 

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