Regardless of whether this is your first time contacting an Orthodontist or you’ve been through it many times before, having access to the resources you need can really help make the process more streamlined and stress-free.  At Get It Straight Orthodontics we understand what a complex endeavor this can be, which is why we’ve taken such great measures to develop an online patient center that helps make planning your visit more organized and efficient.   

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From essential new patient forms and informative orthodontic articles, to FAQs, financial information and testimonials from local patients, the Get It Straight Orthodontics Patient Center has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the quality and comfort during your experience with us.  

  • View and download patient forms to save time during your appointment
  • Get detailed information on what to expect before, during and after treatment
  • Explore our full offering of financial options to find an affordable solution
  • Read reviews and testimonials from patients in the Rochester and WNY area
  • Create an account for fast login and immediate access to your records
  • Discover the many benefits of our popular Smile Rewards program

Whether you’re an adult looking for the most effective teeth straightening procedures for yourself, or a parent who’s learning about orthodontics for your child or teen, we hope you’ll take a moment to visit our Patient Center to learn more about the process and discover what sets our dedication apart.  For answers to any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment, get in touch at your convenience and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

Get It Straight Orthodontics has three locations in the Rochester and Western NY area, and we invite you to contact the one closest to you.  You can reach us by phone at 585-248-5100 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our secure website.