Making the decision to get braces can be a bit overwhelming for patients of all ages, and this is especially true for adults who are considering having their teeth straightened later in life.  Getting braces requires a number of commitments in terms of time, lifestyle, social concerns, and a number of other factors.  At Get It Straight Orthodontics in Rochester, we go to great lengths to help our adult patients find the teeth-straightening solution that’s best for their unique needs and concerns.

Damon® Braces continue to be the top choice for adults considering braces as a way of straightening their teeth, and Get It Straight is honored to be regarded as one of the leading providers of adult braces in Rochester and the Western NY region. Here are a few things to keep in mind when exploring the best teeth straightening options.

  • Damon® braces are one of today’s most popular choices for adults

  • They’re available in both clear and metal designs depending on your preferences

  • Get It Straight works closely with patients to determine if they’re an ideal solution

  • We utilize the most innovative equipment to make your application painless

  • Our staff will help you understand the differences between retainers and braces

  • Damon® braces are shown to require less maintenance and fewer follow up visits

Whether you’re just now beginning the process of researching adult teeth straightening options or well-versed and ready to take the next step, the professionals at Get It Straight are here to help. Get in touch with any of our three WNY locations to learn more or schedule an appointment, and our staff will be happy to assist however we can.

You can reach Get It Straight by phone at 585-248-5100 anytime during our regular office hours, or send us your questions 24/7 via email by filling out the short form on our website’s contact page.