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Introducing Acceledent

A revolutionary breakthrough in orthodontic treatment now allows our patients to accelerate their treatment time by up to 50%. As one of the few orthodontic offices in Rochester, NY we are excited to be able to provide this cutting edge technology to our patients.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use. It is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device, and it is clinically shown to reduce patient discomfort during treatment.  

How does AcceleDent work?

By inserting the Mouthpiece -- fitted around your existing orthodontics -- and turning on the Activator for 20 minutes every day, AcceleDent can speed up tooth movement by using SoftPulse Technology. Faster tooth movement may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can even help to make your orthodontics more comfortable.  

How is the orthodontic treatment accelerated?

Your orthodontics work on their own by moving your teeth in specific directions. AcceleDent uses SoftPulse Technology to generate small vibrations, ormicropulses, enhancing the movements directed by your orthodontics, allowing for faster tooth movement.  

Is AcceleDent safe?

Yes. AcceleDent with SoftPulse Technology has been demonstrated safe and reliable in U.S. clinical trials.

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